Nature Photographer - Naturalist - Amateur Birder : Northern California Bay Area (Seattle in 2015)

Canon 7D 

Canon 28-135mm, Tamron 200-500mm, Tamron 150-600mm

Note: As of October 2014 I am going to start adding research to this blog concerning explained and unexplained natural phenomena in both humans and animals. 

To build compassion and awareness of the environment and wildlife.


Since I was a child I imagined taking picture of various subjects I would see, but never owned a camera. In 2008 I purchased my first camera.

I have lived in California since 2001 and find that there is an endless array of Wildlife and an amazing Natural World.  I first became aware of the concept of bird watching after following the blog of a soldier in Iraq who later wrote a book called, "Birding Babylon." I never thought at that time I would become this interested in birds and it took a number of years for the concept to germinate into an action.

When I finally had the good fortune to be able to purchase any camera I wanted I had no clue what I was doing. I looked up a Canon 30D in Consumer Reports and saw it was one of the highest rated. I imagined getting a good camera for bike trips. I was very disappointed when it arrived.  It certainly was not a bike camera and was far bigger than I thought I could possibly use. Then I ordered a lens. A Tamron 200-500mm. I just sat and stared at both for 3 months, upset with myself for buying based on Consumer Reports and not reality. I started using it because I felt a little silly for buying it without knowing what it was. That "mistake" has taken me into a whole new world and one that I wouldn't trade for anything!

Digital photography has changed my life. I am daily in wonder that I have found such an enjoyable and all consuming hobby. I grew-up in the wilderness until I was twelve years old and always wanted to apply my interests and experiences in some way.

I believe that we humans, as part of the animal kingdom, that any dominance we have is for the purpose of helping and protecting the planet. Wild creatures are not so different from us. They have families and loyalties towards one another that is often greater than ours. They feel the same pain we feel when injured and they grieve when experiencing loss. They express joy, frustration and pleasure. Although their language is different from ours, they do speak in their own way.  Each creature has its own character and personality and I often see their unique interactions and find them amusing. They find me amusing too as I try to go unnoticed or I fall on my head while trying to sneak up on them.

I try to respect the boundaries of the birds and wildlife as much as possible. I try not to even stand too long taking photos. If my presence seems to make them uncomfortable I move away. I hope that in my images you can see what I experience when photographing the wide wonderful world of wild creatures.


USE OF PHOTOS: Please ask if you need or want a particular photo. I am happy to assist in environmental and educational endeavors.

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