Technical: Canon 7D: Focusing Issues

Canon 7D
Technical: Here are some pointers that might help. I hard reset my camera tonight, meaning, I took out the second battery. This appears to fix problems with uneven focus issues (when camera doesn't appear to be focusing and leaving random images soft). I think this is a good idea just to be sure it hasn't started doing this uneven focusing.

Anyone shooting moving subjects, sports, birds in flight and your 7D is not focusing correctly, try changing C.F. III: 1 to minus 1 (one click to left) and C.F. III: 3 to 1 (continuous AF track) and see if that helps. However, when you set this it removes your options to adjust several of your focus point settings.

I have stopped using AI Servo for now and for most things until I figure out if the problem is the camera or the lens I am using. Canon 7D AI Servo seems to create an error with the Tamron 150-600mm not focusing correctly, so I set it to AI Focus for now.I have got much better shots turning this off in general.
When I am shooting a completely NON moving object I set it to "One Shot." However, if the non moving object moves AT ALL you'll end up with blur. One shot works great for a bird up in a tall tree that you want a really crisp image of. If you don't know what the object is going to do, then leave your settings to AI Focus. This works for both still and moving.
For Focus Points: I have found for very small song birds sitting on objects: set to: "Manual select: Single Point AF" works best. This helps if you are shooting in low light and can't get the camera to focus on that little bird.

I have found for large birds like a Great Blue Heron "Auto select: 19 point AF" works best especially at a distance. With lots of movement and large birds this allows for the best focusing potential.
Lastly...when shooting birds always aim for the shoulder by default. This gives you the best chances of hitting the right focus.

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