Winter Wonderland...or not.

I went out today looking for some snow on Mount Hamilton. There was a promise of 2-4 inches yesterday. Nothing. Notta! I searched the entire range and didn't see a hint. This might be one of our only chances here in Silicon Valley because by the end of the week it is supposed to be up to 65 again. We get nothing in California, but endless sunshine. 

I realize that what I was calling the Lick Observatory was not and it was a little further down. Here you can see the domes on the top of Mount Hamilton. 

The Black-crowned Night Herons, instead of being up in the top of the reeds they were either sitting in the water or in the reeds just above the water. They also didn't appear to be sleeping much. They were probably thinking about Florida.

Most of the ducks were huddled close to the shore instead of out in the bay.

There were a few brave shorebirds out and about, but those who were not entirely absent were lined up in rows or huddled near the shore. The only ones in the air were the big birds. I saw some crows, Turkey Vultures, and a couple of hawks.

Something that sort of baffles me is that instead of the shorebirds and ducks being in a giant huddled mass, as usual, they were all in a straight line. I am going to guess it has something to do with the wind. Somehow a straight line must allow the wind to pass over instead of hitting a mass of birds. 

 I have no idea how these little song birds make it in the cold wind! They do move a lot slower and it is easier to get closer to them. I think the best time to try to get a good shot of the small birds is when it is really windy and cold. 

...and for today? That's a wrap!  

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